T r a m e  [W e f t]  plus  B e n t h o s

Ollivier Coupille


Trame [weft] Plus Benthos 2008

In Trame Plus Benthos the sounds signals pass through a network of metal strips suspended in space (Benthos) designed by Sofi Hemon. These metal strips act both as a resonator and a filter. Trame Plus Benthos is a work-in-progress. The sound material comes mainly from various oscillators connected in such a way as to produce a mass of overlapping waves. Certain modules are supplied with electricity from solar cells and are thus light sensitive [sensitive to light].
Tracks 1 & 3 of this cd were recorded in daylight at Morangis in 2008.

Trame d'automne / Benthos 2010
[Autumn Weft / Benthos]

In these new Trames several sound systems constructed separately [independently of one another] are interconnected inside a metal structure that can be modified from one performance to another. The performance consists in exploring the interconnections of these different systems, i.e. revealing the intermediate and provisionally open regions.
At the source there are several oscillators that are activated and modulated by pre-recorded sound signals in such a way as to produce complex or fragmentary wave forms. The system includes 4 or 8 loudspeakers. As with the other works in this cycle, these Trames can be associated with the installation made of metal strips (Benthos) designed by Sofi Hémon.

1) Trame d'automne 18  (20'15")

2) Trame plus Benthos 1  (25'32")

3) Trame d'automne 19  (31'03")


Ce CD est disponible chez METAMKINE et le disquaire SOUFFLE CONTINU



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