M i g r a t i o n s

Ollivier Coupille

Migrations, like Maille [Meshwork] and other pieces of the series, is made up of a large number of interlacing tracks collected in a feedback loop. The motifs are re-worked during the performance and dispersed over a network of four, or eight, loudspeakers.
From one performance to another the order and number of apparatuses may vary, along with the connections.  The performance is never definitive, and whatever form it may take is only the basis for further variations. 
The overlapping of several tracks and their many possible permutations ensures that there is never an end. Sometimes it is enough to link two points of the system to discover a new branch to explore.

1) Migration 1 (25'54")

2) Migration 2 (21'18")

3) Migration 3 (24'39")

Morangis 2009


Ce CD est disponible chez METAMKINE et le disquaire SOUFFLE CONTINU



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